Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Hack Facebook Account (AUGUST 2013)

Looking for answers how to hack Facebook account or how to hack Facebook password? You will find them with our Facebook hack tool! You don't need to be a hacker to find out if your boyfriend's cheating on you on Facebook. You don't have to be IT specialist either to check with whom your child does communicate.All you need to do is to pay a little attention and we explain to you step by step what to do in order to hack Facebook account of your choice.

First of all we'd like to thank you that you are interested in our Facebook hack. We worked hard to deliver a tool that will help concerned mothers about their children, or company menages who wants to find if their employee don't trading company secrets to the others. Is this ethical or not - it's always better check your children before they turn into full-blown drug addict. And ask yourself this - what do you know about your child internet activity?

So we made as simple as can be product to use. No, it's not one click Facebook hack tool like others because they DON'T work. Never did. Our Facebook hack works on security glitch and requires an email of your victim. This is the only way to get Facebook password hack by providing email and URL profile of the person.It scans an email and Facebook profile to receive 128-bit password, then decrypt it and send it to your mail box. So how to get email? If you don't know it it's simple - ask your friend for it! Yes, that simple. Just say you want to send him fun photo, or anything.

Ok, so let's start with hacking the Facebook. Just pay attention and everything will happen in a minute. First of all please download our Facebook Hack tool below:
Note: make sure you got Ad blocking programs disabled. They can interrupt your download process! (AdBlock,AdHunter,AdFender)


To download the file, please complete a survey to prove you are a human.It's security measure to prevent Facebook's staff robots to flood download servers. After successful download, run the application. This window will pop up:

Now, please copy and paste victim URL by going on his/hers Facebook profile. Put his/hers email address, and yours (required to receive password only). The rest is simple. Just click Connect, wait till window pop up. Then click Get Pass, again wait for window to pop up. Now click Encrypt Pass, wait till it's done, and finally click Send Pass to receive your victim Facebook Password. If you confused with whole operation, please watch our video demonstration:

Facebook Hack

That's all. Hope we helped! Use this Facebook password hack wisely with no harm to others!

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